Wie präsentieren Sie Ihr Unternehmen im Internet? Wer ist Ihre Zielgruppe? Wird Ihre Webseite gefunden? Was möchten Sie mit Ihrer Seite erreichen?



Passt das Design Ihrer Seite zu Ihrer Corporate Identity? Ist das Design benutzerfreundlich? Ist Ihre Seite optimiert für die mobile Nutzung?



Passt sich Ihre Seite an die verschiedenen Bildschirmgrößen und Mobilgeräte an? Sind die Ladezeiten überprüft und optimiert?

Mit welchen Keywords sollen Ihre Kunden Sie bei Google & Co finden? Was verkaufen Sie? Wie machen Sie auf sich aufmerksam?

Was erzählen Sie Ihren Kunden über sich? Ist das interessant? Lesen Ihre Nutzer lange Texte oder schauen diese lieber Bilder an? Bietet Ihre Webseite einen Mehrwert für Ihre Kunden?

Schalten Sie Werbeanzeigen? Warum und Wo? Wen sprechen Sie dort an? Wie hoch ist der Return on Investment?



A perfect day in New York
How do we create journeys that inspire people to customize and share their idea of a perfect day in New York? In collaboration with Gotham Beauty and Maybelline we created a suite of solutions
Giving back to your fans
How do you celebrate the 10 year anniversary of a world leading dance label and invite the fans to party in style? We aided Size Records and Rebel Studios in their mission to give away 100 of their
Reintroducing a key tech media publisher
How do you showcase the Ad services of a parent company to a portfolio of leading digital content and commerce brands? We completed a 360º overhaul of the Purch brand and website, to better
Explore nature
How do you preserve, protect, and promote the nation’s national parks? To aide Nature Valley in this noble quest, Your Majesty brought the parks to the people by creating the first platform to use
The end of social media?
How do we challenge the idea of life without social media? Based on an original concept by Geoffrey Lillemon and the Stööki art collective we helped realize a web based social media art project
Marrying high-end audio & luxury fashion
How do we reintroduce a legendary audio brand, with a new sub-brand, in the context of personalization and style? We created a product experience to introduce Pryma as the premiere brand
Promoting shoes socially
How can an iconic athletic brand form deep, meaningful, enduring relationships on social media? With a smart social strategy and some powerful creative, Your Majesty helped to strengthen the
Giving fans the rock star treatment
How do you give fans a taste of the rock star lifestyle? To build awareness for MiO Liquid Water Enhancers among club-goers, we built an interactive music video in which fans guide renowned DJ
Inspiring the customization journey
How do you enhance Bentley’s commissioning process with personalization leading the way? We co-created an interactive installation based on the act of choosing as an exploration of personality
Visualizing the power of sound
How do we make something as intangible as sound feel more real? To demonstrate the elegance and explosiveness World of Macintosh’s (WOM) exceptional line of audio products, we created a
Cavalier challenge
As part of Your Majesty’s R&D practice, we launched a platform combining the very latest in digital technology with the original aesthetic we’re known for.
Creating a media conference hub
How do you merge two distinct media conference presenters into a single system? Your Majesty built a custom platform that brings all NYT and IHT conferences into a central, cohesive,
Enabling urban explorers
How do you create local excitement about the launch of a global shoe line? For the launch of the NMD shoe, adidas engaged Your Majesty to build nine interactive LED cube installations to
Andy Warhol art exchange
How do you celebrate the iconic collaboration between Absolut Vodka and Andy Warhol? Your Majesty crafted a participatory platform that earned global attention, reached millions, and
Sharing a new identity, globally
How do you convince those who know you best that you’ve got a new identity? Netflix partnered with Your Majesty to create an online experience showcasing its new positioning to employees and
Rethinking the gift of music
Twenty years ago, a record album was the perfect present. How can the world’s largest music company bring back that magic in the streaming era? Through a brand-new product that combines the
From print to platform
How do you reinvent two respected print magazines for online audiences? We developed a thriving, responsive hub for Harvard Art Museums’ publications.
Inspiring connections & responsibility
How do we use social media, celebrity and an event to help rally support, drive donations and bolster awareness for a good cause? Your Majesty built a virtual stadium to promote ownership and
Elevating the golf experience
How do you elevate the visitor experience at the U.S. Open Golf Championship? For American Express, Momentum engaged us to help create a connected fan experience to remember and share.
Social elegance
How do you use social media to connect with a sophisticated audience? Create an experience that builds anticipation with an elegant narrative.